Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Currently loving - Vol. 1

Im back! After a month or so break from blogging (job interviews, family emergency and general lack of time)

I figured what better way to come back than to show some products im currently loving?
Dior Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup - 010
I bought this last month with some vouchers i had for Escentual. Ive been looking for a lighter coverage, more moisturising foundation for awhile and decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. It retails for £28.50
The colour 010 is a little too warm toned and a little darker than my skintone, but because its light coverage its not noticable. I find this foundation doesnt cling to my dry patches and covers redness but still allows my freckles to show through, ill definitely repurchase this for the summer next year, but for the winter i prefer a higher coverage, the added SPF 10 is a nice feature and i find it doesnt leave a white cast in flash photos

N0 7 Anti-dark spot facial sun protection 50+
This has been a live saver with the warm weather and sun we've had the last week or so in england, i wear this daily regardless of season. Its £11 for 50ml which is supposed to last for 20 applications, but it lasts me forever because i dont use alot. Im pale, really pale, i often struggle to find foundations pale enough to match my skin, and because of my red hair, i burn in minutes! I find this product a little greasy, but if i let it sit for 5 minutes its not too bad, the SPF also helps keep my freckles light, which im not going to complain about. I normally purchase this with the No 7 vouchers that are always floating around so it works out pretty cheap.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal hydrating concentrate
I bought this from Escentual again, they were doing an offer of 33% off certain skincare brands, i got a free thermal face spray with this, which i keep in my handbag and is lovely to spray on once ive walked to work to refresh my skin and cool me down. Within a week of using this product, the dry flaky patches around my nose and on my forehead had gone! At first i thought this product had broken me out but i think it was just hormonal as ive continued to use this and havent had any issues. The consistency of this is a milky gel, it glides onto the skin smoothly and sinks in fast. I use a pump morning and night, and may use another half a pump if im feeling particularly dry.

Lush lip scrub
Ive got this in the sweet lips version of this, but ive had bubblegum before. The Sweet lips one smells like chocolate and vanilla and is lush! I've got braces and find i tend to get cuts and dry patches on the inner part of my lips due to my braces, the sugar granules in this lip scrub are pretty fine so i find it removes dead skin effectively. I use this every morning before makeup application to make sure my lips are smooth and soft, and it tastes yum to eat ;)

Barbara Daily High impact mascara
Id ran out of mascara and asked my mom to pick me up one when she went shopping because i wouldnt be able to get into town to buy one anytime soon. This is the one she came back with, it retails for £5.75 and ive got it in the black colour. The packaging looks a little cheap but i can over look that. Normally im a brush wand girl, plastic wands just didnt do anything for me, this mascara is a plastic bristle brush which seems to taper bigger at one end than the other. I find its a dark black colour and lengthens my eyelashes really well, its not the greatest for volume but it definitely adds some drama to the eye area. Its easy to remove and doesnt clump or flake, excellent!

MAC Kissable lipcolour - Enchantee 
I purchased this from the recent cook mac shop mac collection, as i missed out on these in the peacocky collection from last year. Enchantee is a pale blue toned pink which doesnt dry the lips and is opaque and shiny. The wear time on this isnt brilliant but i find it fades without going patchy and leaves a hint of colour on the lips. As always, this smells of this typical MAC vanilla smell which i personally love!

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour - Love child
These lip crayons are moisturising and leave a high shine on the lips, i love that its in a pencil form as i can reapply without needing to look in a mirror. The colour lovechild is a medium warm toned pink. It lasts around 2 hours on the lips and covers any dry patches on the lips nicely. The only 2 issues i have with this product is that it needs sharpening, its a fat pencil so if you haven't got a pencil sharpener big enough, you'll be a little stuck, and the sharpening means you miss out on product unlike with a twist up pencil. My other issue is that the cap on the lip crayon isnt that great it has came off in my bag once, thankfully the crayon stayed in pretty good shape considering. These retail for £14 and can be bought from Debenhams here
I think im going to invest in crush or adrenaline to wear in the summer


Onken Yoghurt
These were on offer in my local co-op, down to about £1.50. I prefer the raspberry flavour but they didn't have it this time. These yoghurts are creamy and quiet thick, with bits of fruit in them. I enjoyed this yoghurt for breakfasts with a Farleys Rusk (i know i know, its for baby's but i just love how they taste, is that odd?)
Now the weathers getting warmer ive been enjoying alot more fruit and yoghurt as i find it so cooling on a hot day
Dior Foundation 010 - Urban decay Lovechild - Mac Enchantee

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, what have you been loving recently?