Tuesday 27 March 2012

Currently loving - Vol. 1

Im back! After a month or so break from blogging (job interviews, family emergency and general lack of time)

I figured what better way to come back than to show some products im currently loving?
Dior Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup - 010
I bought this last month with some vouchers i had for Escentual. Ive been looking for a lighter coverage, more moisturising foundation for awhile and decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. It retails for £28.50
The colour 010 is a little too warm toned and a little darker than my skintone, but because its light coverage its not noticable. I find this foundation doesnt cling to my dry patches and covers redness but still allows my freckles to show through, ill definitely repurchase this for the summer next year, but for the winter i prefer a higher coverage, the added SPF 10 is a nice feature and i find it doesnt leave a white cast in flash photos

N0 7 Anti-dark spot facial sun protection 50+
This has been a live saver with the warm weather and sun we've had the last week or so in england, i wear this daily regardless of season. Its £11 for 50ml which is supposed to last for 20 applications, but it lasts me forever because i dont use alot. Im pale, really pale, i often struggle to find foundations pale enough to match my skin, and because of my red hair, i burn in minutes! I find this product a little greasy, but if i let it sit for 5 minutes its not too bad, the SPF also helps keep my freckles light, which im not going to complain about. I normally purchase this with the No 7 vouchers that are always floating around so it works out pretty cheap.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal hydrating concentrate
I bought this from Escentual again, they were doing an offer of 33% off certain skincare brands, i got a free thermal face spray with this, which i keep in my handbag and is lovely to spray on once ive walked to work to refresh my skin and cool me down. Within a week of using this product, the dry flaky patches around my nose and on my forehead had gone! At first i thought this product had broken me out but i think it was just hormonal as ive continued to use this and havent had any issues. The consistency of this is a milky gel, it glides onto the skin smoothly and sinks in fast. I use a pump morning and night, and may use another half a pump if im feeling particularly dry.

Lush lip scrub
Ive got this in the sweet lips version of this, but ive had bubblegum before. The Sweet lips one smells like chocolate and vanilla and is lush! I've got braces and find i tend to get cuts and dry patches on the inner part of my lips due to my braces, the sugar granules in this lip scrub are pretty fine so i find it removes dead skin effectively. I use this every morning before makeup application to make sure my lips are smooth and soft, and it tastes yum to eat ;)

Barbara Daily High impact mascara
Id ran out of mascara and asked my mom to pick me up one when she went shopping because i wouldnt be able to get into town to buy one anytime soon. This is the one she came back with, it retails for £5.75 and ive got it in the black colour. The packaging looks a little cheap but i can over look that. Normally im a brush wand girl, plastic wands just didnt do anything for me, this mascara is a plastic bristle brush which seems to taper bigger at one end than the other. I find its a dark black colour and lengthens my eyelashes really well, its not the greatest for volume but it definitely adds some drama to the eye area. Its easy to remove and doesnt clump or flake, excellent!

MAC Kissable lipcolour - Enchantee 
I purchased this from the recent cook mac shop mac collection, as i missed out on these in the peacocky collection from last year. Enchantee is a pale blue toned pink which doesnt dry the lips and is opaque and shiny. The wear time on this isnt brilliant but i find it fades without going patchy and leaves a hint of colour on the lips. As always, this smells of this typical MAC vanilla smell which i personally love!

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour - Love child
These lip crayons are moisturising and leave a high shine on the lips, i love that its in a pencil form as i can reapply without needing to look in a mirror. The colour lovechild is a medium warm toned pink. It lasts around 2 hours on the lips and covers any dry patches on the lips nicely. The only 2 issues i have with this product is that it needs sharpening, its a fat pencil so if you haven't got a pencil sharpener big enough, you'll be a little stuck, and the sharpening means you miss out on product unlike with a twist up pencil. My other issue is that the cap on the lip crayon isnt that great it has came off in my bag once, thankfully the crayon stayed in pretty good shape considering. These retail for £14 and can be bought from Debenhams here
I think im going to invest in crush or adrenaline to wear in the summer


Onken Yoghurt
These were on offer in my local co-op, down to about £1.50. I prefer the raspberry flavour but they didn't have it this time. These yoghurts are creamy and quiet thick, with bits of fruit in them. I enjoyed this yoghurt for breakfasts with a Farleys Rusk (i know i know, its for baby's but i just love how they taste, is that odd?)
Now the weathers getting warmer ive been enjoying alot more fruit and yoghurt as i find it so cooling on a hot day
Dior Foundation 010 - Urban decay Lovechild - Mac Enchantee

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, what have you been loving recently?

Thursday 9 February 2012

Valentines - Long Distance?

Sorry about the lack of posting, its been a week! I got the flu and didnt get out of bed for a few days, and yesterday the cold weather had caused a cable in the telegraph pole outside to snap, meaning we had no phone line or internet!

Im pretty sure none of you know this, and im a little skeptical about writing this because a lot of people will judge me for it, but im gonna go for it.

This valentines day im sending my gift across the ocean to another country. The boy? A dutch boy who ive been talking to since i was about 14, whos always been there for me, who ive never met and who ive been dating for coming up two years. Yep, you read that right, im in an online relationship, untill april that is :)

Its hard not being able to see the person you love, especially when all my friends are making plans to go out on a date, or stay home and cook a romantic meal for their boyfriends. I think one of the most important gifts you can give to someone, whether they be 5 miles away or 500 is something meaningful. Sure chocolates and flowers are nice, but i prefer something a little more personal!

Thats what im sending, tommorow morning!
To most people it wont look like anything special, but im sure my other half will appreciate it!

The picture im sending is from the Etsy seller cultscenes, it came in a cardboard frame but i pull it apart and put it in a blue wooden frame i bought online. This has significant meaning to me and my other half because ive never watched wall-e before, im not quiet sure why because we have it on dvd, but regardless, it came up in converstaion some time last year i beleive that id never watched it, he agree'd itd be the first thing we watch together when we meet in april, hes already seen it, but knowing my love of all things animated he wanted to watch it with me for the first time. Plus from what i hear wall-e and eve are a super cute couple!  
The frame's blue because its my favourite colour ;)
The card i bought is again from etsy, what can i say i love that place for unique handmade stuff. The seller woodlandink has some beautiful cards so if youre looking for something special, check it out!
I think it goes without saying why this card is appropriate, but after nearly 2 years im so excited to finally be meeting him!

Finally ill be sending 2 bags of minstrels, Stefan (the boyfriend) always see's me eating them on skype and was curious about them. I dont think they sell them in the Netherlands, so im sending 2 bags, one for Stefan and one for his brother. I just hope he doesnt fall in love with them as theyre so hard to get in europe!

What are you getting your other half for valentines? Or are you gifting yourself something this valentines?

Thursday 2 February 2012

Recent Haulin'

Im supposed to be on a shopping ban with the exception of necessities, a clarisonic mia and things im specifically saving for, as you can see, that didnt quiet last!

Im kind of skint now, what with having to buy a new shirt for a friends birthday, having to buy alcohol for that party, and buying her a lovely present, my bank balance is feeling a little worse for ware.

First things, i bought 2 things from buyapowa, i swear that site will be the death of me! Such good deals on there, and ive purchased lots of things from them and never had any issues.
The Nicki Minaj mini's were down to the bargain price of £8. Ive been on an OPI kick recently, and i much prefer the mini's as ive yet to ever finish up a nail polish. Finally from buyapowa, Bobbi Browns creamy concealer kit in porcelain, which got down to £19 in the end. Finally, something in my shade! I recieved it this morning and quickly whipped some on before running out of the door for breakfast with my mother, first impressions; its not as creamy as i thought it would be, and its a little drying. That could just be because it had been with the postie out in the cold for however long!

The fashion tape i got from ebay, for about £2. I also got a backless bra but didnt feel like posting pics on the internet! Its for the shirt im going to wear on saturday for my friends party, youll see why i need those in a minute ;)

As you may or may not know, i had colourful hair for about a year, starting blue and gradually adding pink and purple. Not going to lie, i was a complete novice at bleaching hair, and well, my hair was and still is a little fried from it. My hairs red at the moment, with a pink tinge thanks to some left over pink dye i added. I missed my blue hair, so i thought instead of bleaching my own hair id just buy some platinum extentions and dye them blue. They were cheapy ones from ebay, cost about £10 for 4 singles. Not the greatest quality but they do the job. I spent most of yesterday dying and trimming them.

Onto my final and most expensive purchase..
I hadnt intended to buy this, infact it was sold out on the urban outfitters site. I saw one on ebay in my size and decided to go for it, 24 hours later, after waiting till the last 5 minutes to buy, i paid the grand total of £38 for it. £8 more than RRP but i couldnt find another one anywhere and i needed this in my life

Sorry about the stock picture, but i couldnt get it to photograph without looking funny!
Im scared to death that im going to ruin it or tear it because it is so fragile, ill have to be careful what i do with this shirt!

Have you bought anything recently?

Saturday 28 January 2012

Illamasqua | Illumine oil

One thing you'll learn if you follow my blog, is that i am a night owl. Don't be surprised if a new post pops up at 3am in the morning. I love the night, and am often awake till 3-4am, much to the dismay of my neighbours, who often hear me banging about, listening to music, or hear my conversations on skype, thankfully they've never complained. My night owl tendencies are one of the reasons I'm so glad i take pictures in bulk, ill take pictures of say, 5 different items at a time, so that Ive always got a ready pile of images to put up.

Anyways, onto the actual point of this post

In the recent illamasqua sale i picket up the illumine oil in volt, Ive been lusting after this item for ages, but at £25 i couldn't justify it for the amount of use ill get out of it, when i saw it in the sale for £7.50 i jumped at the opportunity.

Why did i buy this? Because its so pretty i couldn't resist, do i regret it? Absolutely not!

The illumine oil comes in 2 shades, Volt and Pulse. Pulse is a golden, bronze shimmer whereas volt is a more pale iridescent sparkle. I picked volt because i figured it'd suit my pale cool toned skin better. The illumine oil was part of the body electrics collection, as displayed on the bottle and is  designed to be used  on the d├ęcolletage area  . For £25 you get 100ml, you might not think this is much but a little of this goes a long way.

The illumine oil is a dry oil, which smells divine, very tropically with strong coconut notes. It last for a few minutes on the skin before its not really noticeable anymore. Volt is an iridescent blue, purple, pink and white sparkle mixture suspended in oil, this of course means that it settles easily, but a quick shake solves this. This stuff is pretty pigmented, a few dabs on the finger tips is enough to cover the collar area, so it should realistically last ages! I wouldn't wear this every day, but if im going out its a nice addition. Ive also used this just along the front of my shins for a party an found it added a nice glow to the legs. 
This oil can be built up to produce a prominent sparkle, but i prefer to use a little and blend it out to get a more distributed sparkle, the oil sinks in pretty fast and within a few minutes its safe to touch without being oily!
I probably wouldn't have bought this full price, but on sale it was a bargain im happy to have. Illamasqua sale ended awhile ago, but if you see it on sale or have a discount code, id definitely recommend picking it up!

Monday 23 January 2012

Newest OPI polishes

During the recent Lenawhite sale i ordered 2 OPI polishes.
I begrudge paying £10.50 full price for OPI polishes when i know in the states you can get them cheaper. When i saw the sale on Lenawhite, and these polishes down to £5, i jumped at the chance. I was reserved, there were about 12 polishes in my basket but i narrowed it down to just two. 

The order email said that due to high numbers of orders, there may be a delay in receiving the polishes, i think i got them about a week after ordering, so still not bad considering. The polishes arrived well wrapped in bubble wrap, which i was thankful for, i had images of opening the package to a pool of polish.

So onto the colours!
(You'll have to excuse that the swatches are on fake nails, my own nails are in a right state at the moment!)

Firstly "Part in my cabana" a part of the south beach collection.
Party in my cabana is a red toned bright pink, in a lovely glossy creme finish which is opaque in 2 coats and dries quickly. Its not a particularly unique colour, but its a nice addition to the collection none the less. Id say the swatch above is showing it as more red than it is in reality
Planks a lot is the other colour i settled on, i don't think i own a single pale purple / lilac shade, so this was a welcome addition. Planks a lot is from the recent pirates of the Caribbean collection, id describe it as a muted lilac colour which leans more blue than pink toned. Again it boasts a glossy creme finish opaque in 2 coats with a fast drying time.

I cant say much about the wear of these polishes, as i've only been wearing them about 2-3 days, but so far i've had no chipping or signs of tip wear!

The Lenawhite sale ended tonight unfortunately, but if you managed to purchase anything from the sale  id love to know what you got!

Hey there!

Hey there, My name's Sara, i'm a 17 year old beauty junkie, obsessed with make-up, skincare, basically anything beauty! I live in a little village in the West Midlands, miles away from anywhere with good beauty products, so i rely on alot of online shopping, much to the dismay of the post man who often knocks on the door with multiple packages, oops ;)

I'm currently not in college after deciding education was no longer the right path for me, i have however had a part time job as a waitress/bar maid for coming up two years, earning just enough to keep funding my love of beauty