Monday, 23 January 2012

Newest OPI polishes

During the recent Lenawhite sale i ordered 2 OPI polishes.
I begrudge paying £10.50 full price for OPI polishes when i know in the states you can get them cheaper. When i saw the sale on Lenawhite, and these polishes down to £5, i jumped at the chance. I was reserved, there were about 12 polishes in my basket but i narrowed it down to just two. 

The order email said that due to high numbers of orders, there may be a delay in receiving the polishes, i think i got them about a week after ordering, so still not bad considering. The polishes arrived well wrapped in bubble wrap, which i was thankful for, i had images of opening the package to a pool of polish.

So onto the colours!
(You'll have to excuse that the swatches are on fake nails, my own nails are in a right state at the moment!)

Firstly "Part in my cabana" a part of the south beach collection.
Party in my cabana is a red toned bright pink, in a lovely glossy creme finish which is opaque in 2 coats and dries quickly. Its not a particularly unique colour, but its a nice addition to the collection none the less. Id say the swatch above is showing it as more red than it is in reality
Planks a lot is the other colour i settled on, i don't think i own a single pale purple / lilac shade, so this was a welcome addition. Planks a lot is from the recent pirates of the Caribbean collection, id describe it as a muted lilac colour which leans more blue than pink toned. Again it boasts a glossy creme finish opaque in 2 coats with a fast drying time.

I cant say much about the wear of these polishes, as i've only been wearing them about 2-3 days, but so far i've had no chipping or signs of tip wear!

The Lenawhite sale ended tonight unfortunately, but if you managed to purchase anything from the sale  id love to know what you got!

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