Saturday, 28 January 2012

Illamasqua | Illumine oil

One thing you'll learn if you follow my blog, is that i am a night owl. Don't be surprised if a new post pops up at 3am in the morning. I love the night, and am often awake till 3-4am, much to the dismay of my neighbours, who often hear me banging about, listening to music, or hear my conversations on skype, thankfully they've never complained. My night owl tendencies are one of the reasons I'm so glad i take pictures in bulk, ill take pictures of say, 5 different items at a time, so that Ive always got a ready pile of images to put up.

Anyways, onto the actual point of this post

In the recent illamasqua sale i picket up the illumine oil in volt, Ive been lusting after this item for ages, but at £25 i couldn't justify it for the amount of use ill get out of it, when i saw it in the sale for £7.50 i jumped at the opportunity.

Why did i buy this? Because its so pretty i couldn't resist, do i regret it? Absolutely not!

The illumine oil comes in 2 shades, Volt and Pulse. Pulse is a golden, bronze shimmer whereas volt is a more pale iridescent sparkle. I picked volt because i figured it'd suit my pale cool toned skin better. The illumine oil was part of the body electrics collection, as displayed on the bottle and is  designed to be used  on the d├ęcolletage area  . For £25 you get 100ml, you might not think this is much but a little of this goes a long way.

The illumine oil is a dry oil, which smells divine, very tropically with strong coconut notes. It last for a few minutes on the skin before its not really noticeable anymore. Volt is an iridescent blue, purple, pink and white sparkle mixture suspended in oil, this of course means that it settles easily, but a quick shake solves this. This stuff is pretty pigmented, a few dabs on the finger tips is enough to cover the collar area, so it should realistically last ages! I wouldn't wear this every day, but if im going out its a nice addition. Ive also used this just along the front of my shins for a party an found it added a nice glow to the legs. 
This oil can be built up to produce a prominent sparkle, but i prefer to use a little and blend it out to get a more distributed sparkle, the oil sinks in pretty fast and within a few minutes its safe to touch without being oily!
I probably wouldn't have bought this full price, but on sale it was a bargain im happy to have. Illamasqua sale ended awhile ago, but if you see it on sale or have a discount code, id definitely recommend picking it up!

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