Thursday, 2 February 2012

Recent Haulin'

Im supposed to be on a shopping ban with the exception of necessities, a clarisonic mia and things im specifically saving for, as you can see, that didnt quiet last!

Im kind of skint now, what with having to buy a new shirt for a friends birthday, having to buy alcohol for that party, and buying her a lovely present, my bank balance is feeling a little worse for ware.

First things, i bought 2 things from buyapowa, i swear that site will be the death of me! Such good deals on there, and ive purchased lots of things from them and never had any issues.
The Nicki Minaj mini's were down to the bargain price of £8. Ive been on an OPI kick recently, and i much prefer the mini's as ive yet to ever finish up a nail polish. Finally from buyapowa, Bobbi Browns creamy concealer kit in porcelain, which got down to £19 in the end. Finally, something in my shade! I recieved it this morning and quickly whipped some on before running out of the door for breakfast with my mother, first impressions; its not as creamy as i thought it would be, and its a little drying. That could just be because it had been with the postie out in the cold for however long!

The fashion tape i got from ebay, for about £2. I also got a backless bra but didnt feel like posting pics on the internet! Its for the shirt im going to wear on saturday for my friends party, youll see why i need those in a minute ;)

As you may or may not know, i had colourful hair for about a year, starting blue and gradually adding pink and purple. Not going to lie, i was a complete novice at bleaching hair, and well, my hair was and still is a little fried from it. My hairs red at the moment, with a pink tinge thanks to some left over pink dye i added. I missed my blue hair, so i thought instead of bleaching my own hair id just buy some platinum extentions and dye them blue. They were cheapy ones from ebay, cost about £10 for 4 singles. Not the greatest quality but they do the job. I spent most of yesterday dying and trimming them.

Onto my final and most expensive purchase..
I hadnt intended to buy this, infact it was sold out on the urban outfitters site. I saw one on ebay in my size and decided to go for it, 24 hours later, after waiting till the last 5 minutes to buy, i paid the grand total of £38 for it. £8 more than RRP but i couldnt find another one anywhere and i needed this in my life

Sorry about the stock picture, but i couldnt get it to photograph without looking funny!
Im scared to death that im going to ruin it or tear it because it is so fragile, ill have to be careful what i do with this shirt!

Have you bought anything recently?


  1. Your spending ban sounds as successful as when I attempt them! I just cannot resist good offers, and then if I'm in town I have to pop into Primark, if I see something I like I need to buy it because it will sell out quickly...

    I am the queen of excuses x

  2. I love primark! I go into town for just a couple things and come home £50 worse off! I tend to avoid going into town if possible :P xx

  3. heya where did you get that skull top from i'm in love with it!!!


  4. @Leopard Crazed
    I got it from urban outfitters, i think it was an online exclusive, its by a brand called truly madly deeply, maybe ebay or somewhere will have one? :)